Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Setting the record STRAIGHT!!!

Lately the beef industry has been attacked by a smear campaign. Anti-beef radicals started the "pink slime" avalanche and the clueless media was spoon-fed their FACT- LESS propaganda! Instead of praising a company for finding ways to use as much good beef as possible by using new technology and being super efficient, they tried to cheap shot them and run them out of business. The words "pink slime" were purposely thrown out in order to panic folks. In fact, "lean Beef trimmings" are 94-97% lean beef! Don't fall for anti-meat propaganda folks! When they get done destroying Beef Products, Inc- the company that makes lean beef trimmings, they will attack another part of our industry. Please take the time to learn the facts about everything you eat! Don't get buffaloed by groups with an agenda that won't be happy until we are all FORCED into becoming vegans! I raise and sell some of the best beef in the world. And so do many, many thousands of ranchers throughout America. Find out the facts and don't get spooked by scare tactics! For instance, when you have a great cheeseburger made with tasty BEEF that contains lean beef trimmings, the meat only contains 200 ppm ammonium hydroxide. Ammonium hydroxide is found naturally in all proteins we eat, plant or animal! One of its main roles is to stop dangerous bacteria from forming. The cheese on your burger contains 813 ppm, the bun 440 ppm and the condiments have 400 ppm ammonium hydroxide. Why haven't we banned cheese and bread and ketchup? Feel free to contact me with any concerns you might have regardless of where you buy your beef. I am proud to be an American rancher, proud to be part of a safe, efficient, sustainable, growing industry! And I will always stand up when radical elements of our society attack my livelihood and try to limit the choices I have to feed my family! There are many websites where you can find CORRECT information in regards to Lean Beef Trimmings. And I would love to hear from you if I can answer any question about tasty, healthy, safe, wonderful BEEF!


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