Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hope anyone who drops by our blog has had a decent winter and is looking forward to spring. We sure are!!! Today's post is all about quality. If you are having surgery done, do you want the cheapest surgeon or the best surgeon? Do you buy a dependable, well-built car or one that breaks down as you drive it home? Do you want the best education for your kids or just read comic books? My point is that we probably all would like to have the highest quality we can afford. And the good things in life usually cost a little bit more. Then the question the higher cost worth it? I want the best Doctor, a good truck to drive and my kids to go to college and have success that comes with a good degree. We should all feel the same way about our food. Cheaper food is always good until it effects the quality. Then we all need to stop and think about what we put in our bodies and our children's bodies. Is it safe? Is it natural? Is it healthy? Quality might cost a little bit more than processed factory food. But what is the cost to our health when we buy lower or questionable quality items? While our beef only costs a small percentage more than supermarket mystery meat, the quality you will have at every meal is expotentially higher. If you except the best in your life, add the best beef in Utah to your freezer. Tasty, tender, safe, healthy, local beef. It's worth it!