Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tonight I sit at my computer with a heavy heart. I got the news that a fine friend of mine passed away much to early. Keith Paulsen was a huge man with an even bigger heart. He was quick to smile, easy to forgive, always had a story and enjoyed living life. He and I worked together at EG&G's Chemical incinerator destroying the nations outdated stockpile of chemical weapons. It was a technical and dangerous job. We frequently made entry's into a highly toxic area to repair the equipment that disposed of chemicals that were made to kill people. All we had between us and death was a specialized rubber suit we were sealed into by a giant microwave. We joked that we were walking "seal-a-meals"! But I never worried about making an entry with Keith. He had my back and I had his. I trusted him completely and thought the world of him. We both moved on with our lives and careers after the burn plant. I found myself working on generators all over Utah and Nevada while Keith went to Texas in the oil fields. But we talked on the phone as often as we could and kept in touch that way. This afternoon his sweet wife called to tell me Keith had passed. I have been thinking about him and what he meant to me. I hope we all can find, no MAKE the time to spend with our friends and families. Life is much to short. As I contemplated Keith's passing, I had a moment of reflection I thought I'd share. Why is it we fall in love so completely with our hearts? Our brains don't have much to do with how we feel about the people we care deeply about. And yet, when they are gone, we try to see them, and talk to them and reach out for them using our brain. When we should just simply listen with our hearts like we did when we had them. I hope that makes sense. I miss my great friend Keith. And 52 is way to young to complete life's journey. But I know his spirit lives on! And every time I spend a sunrise in the mountains, Keith will be right there beside me. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife and kids and grandkids. And I am thankful to have been his friend!