Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hope fall is treating you well! And, more importantly, that you are ready for winter. Our family has worked hard to prepare for the snow and cold. Our woodshed is almost full of wood and coal for the woodstove. The pantry has lots of bottles of home-canned fruits and veggies. And the freezer is stocked with delicious and nutricious beef, pork and deer. If your freezer looks bleak and empty, make a commitment to rectify the problem. Look for fall vegtables at roadside stands or farmers markets and can or freeze them. Contact your local area extension service for helpful hints or visit with grandparents or neighbors who have the know-how to teach you how easy it really is to store food. Corn on the cob in February is as tasty as it is in July! And look into buying a quarter of a local, ranch-raised beef. Protien helps fight the winter cold. You can make chilli with the burger, wonderful pot-roasts like Mom made with juicy roasts and what night isn't perfect for a steak? Fill your freezer with high quality beef. Save money every trip to the supermarket because the meat is already at your house. And enjoy the flavor, the aroma, the comfort of healthy, delicious beef! What's in your freezer?