Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hope fall is treating you well! And, more importantly, that you are ready for winter. Our family has worked hard to prepare for the snow and cold. Our woodshed is almost full of wood and coal for the woodstove. The pantry has lots of bottles of home-canned fruits and veggies. And the freezer is stocked with delicious and nutricious beef, pork and deer. If your freezer looks bleak and empty, make a commitment to rectify the problem. Look for fall vegtables at roadside stands or farmers markets and can or freeze them. Contact your local area extension service for helpful hints or visit with grandparents or neighbors who have the know-how to teach you how easy it really is to store food. Corn on the cob in February is as tasty as it is in July! And look into buying a quarter of a local, ranch-raised beef. Protien helps fight the winter cold. You can make chilli with the burger, wonderful pot-roasts like Mom made with juicy roasts and what night isn't perfect for a steak? Fill your freezer with high quality beef. Save money every trip to the supermarket because the meat is already at your house. And enjoy the flavor, the aroma, the comfort of healthy, delicious beef! What's in your freezer?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lets talk about QUALITY! The reason a steak in an expensive restaurant is so good isn't just some secret recipe or way of cooking........You have to start with a quality piece of meat. Angus beef is near the top of the list when it comes to tender and delicious meat. But all Angus aren't created equal! And all beef isn't either! Meat that is too lean is less tender and had less natural moisture so it drys out easily when cooked. Over fat meat just creates waste and excess fat which isn't healthy. But perfectly finished beef is so tender it seems to melt in your mouth while also having an amazing natural flavor that doesn't require marinades or sauces. Our calves are raised on grass like nature intended. When they approach finish weight we put them on high quality hay and grain for 30 days. That puts the cherry on top of the cake. They get the natural "marbling" needed to make awesome beef without the waste of calves who are fed grain for months and months like most other producers do. For those of you who don't know marbling, I'll give you a quick lesson. Like a pretty marble stone, the marbling in meat denotes high quality. It is what gives a great steak or roast its wonderful flavor. It is the inter-muscular fat that looks just like fine marble stone. Too much is simply waste and not enough makes for one tough, tasteless meal. The picture above on the left shows a steak with a small amount of marbling. The middle picture shows a modest amount and the right picture has moderate marbling. When you buy our beef your meat will have moderate marbling. And the difference is simply amazing! Quality equals Taste. Are ya hungry yet?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I sure hope you all love your family as much as I love mine! We have a blast at everything and anything we do. Work or play! Time spent with my wife and kids is simply the best! From working on the ranch to hunting trips. From weeding our garden to a trip to cabela's. We go together and we are usually grinning! Life's way too short to miss a minute. So go and do and see and take your bunch with ya when ya do it! Here's my bunch on a trip to the ranch by the old retired cattle truck.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Great steaks, roasts and burger starts with quality cattle! We run Angus cattle on our place. Deep, long, maternal cows that produce healthy, vigorous, easy fleshing calves year after year. Our cows are bred for compatibilty with our area and we are proud of our genetics. Our cows spend the summer on high desert pasture. They spend the early spring and fall on lush valley meadow ground and spend the winter at our home ranch where they get lots of quality alfalfa hay. Happy cows make tender beef! Here's a favorite cow heading to the trough for a cool drink on a summer day!
If you're gonna have cattle, you gotta have good horses! Our horses handle thier jobs with ease and are great pardners. Here's "Reba" and "Ranch" on a salt packing trip across the Mountain. Putting out salt helps keep the cattle healthy as it gives them all the trace minerals they need to thrive on the desert. Plus it gets them up on the ridges using the native grasses that puts on the pounds of all-natural BEEF!