Sunday, August 17, 2014

A little something to brighten your life

Life is a wild ride sometimes. And if your like myself, sometimes you get to feeling kinda sorry for yourself. Your idea of what you should be may be different from others and ya feel like a square peg in a world full of round holes! Then ya meet a feller, that finds a perfect way to re-adjust your attitude meter! Thanks to the internet, I had the chance to meet (through a short film), Chris. He will teach you about what ya CAN DO instead of what ya can't! He will inspire ya with his smile! He will make ya think about perceptions and seeing the potential in everyone. He may even bring a tear to your eye. And he will make you think! I had to share this link to youtube with ya'll, so that you might meet Chris too! Here's to Chris! May we all work with what we have and make it spectacular in every way!