Thursday, December 20, 2012

I have sure thought a lot about the horrible school shooting in Connecticut. My heart goes out to the victims, the families, law enforcement, medical personel and everyone involved. Some of you know i write a little cowboy poetry and i had a few minutes yesterday to put some thoughts on paper. I would like to share with you my poem i call "Senseless". Please join with our family in keeping those folks in your thoughts and prayers.


It’s a miserable, bleak, cold, desert day
And my soul is worn and shredded.

The world has gone plumb crazy lately,
And I’m afraid of where we’re headed.

Evil has always been around,
It’s not new to have tragedy strike.

But when 20 kids are shot to death,
I kinda wonder what happened to right?

My mind can’t wrap itself around
What could make a person do that?

And why those kids had to suffer,
While, I am safe, here where I’m at.

I wish’d I could’a been there, maybe
done something to stop the death.

Anything, to just try to save those kids,
They can even have my breath.

But I’m out here on the desert
And my eyes are red and wet.

My heart, it aches, my head, it hurts
And I don’t want’a feel better yet!

Cause I’m mad as hell that it happened
And fed-up with the reasons I hear,

I don’t care about guns, I care about kids
Growing up without worry or fear.

A kid shouldn’t feel anything but safe,
In their school or in their home.

But today, a parent buries their child
Because their killer was distant and alone?

I don’t know what all the answers are,
But I hope God will show us the way.

As we try to heal from the horror,
That happened just the other day.

I pray he will comfort the families.
And bless the lives that are lost.

And help us all to love more and hate less
Protect kids, regardless the cost.

Evil will only triumph, if good people
Let it exist.

Somehow we have to destroy it
And we can’t use a sword or
A fist.

We have to get God back in our lives.
We can’t do it any other way.

Alone, we will only keep failing
But with Him we can save the day.

Connecticut is a ways from this desk where I write,
But I sure feel close right now.

My thoughts and prayers are back east
And I hope that they help, somehow.

Darrell Holden
December 2012